workplace safety

  • Most of us are aware of the direct costs of a workplace injury, which are items like hospital stays and surgeries. What many people fail to take into account are the hidden costs, also known as indirect costs.
  • For Spring 2016 KEEN Utility adds a safety workhorse to its arsenal of innovative protective footwear. Assembled in KEEN's very own Portland factory using the finest materials from around the world, The Leavenworth Met offers unique protective and comfort features that blend fit and function.  
  • Representing the Collision Industry Conference Human Resources Committee, Cory King presented at the CIC Palm Springs Meeting on the importance of having a plan to protect your shop from workplace violence. 
    Chelsea Frey
  • Under the’ direction of U.S. Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health David Michaels, the agency has prepared a series of questions and answers regarding OSHA policies likely to have an impact on aftermarket operations.
    David Michaels, OSHA
  • Protective devices such as ground fault circuit interrupters, panic buttons and banding are vitally important in a collision repair shop.