vehicle scanning

  • Today we have position statements for approximately 65 percent of vehicles on the road and an even greater percentage have the requirements in their repair procedures. With collision repair centers and insurance companies alike now knowing that there is a need, there are many hurdles to overcome.
    Sean Guthrie
  • The Automotive Service Association (ASA) is embracing the need for diagnostic scanning of all vehicles.
  • Proving the value in diagnostic and vehicle electronic repairs to insurance companies and customers involves building a process.
  • AirPro Diagnostics, the industry leader in providing OEM compliant scanning, diagnostics and safety system calibrations, announced the appointment and inaugural meeting of its 2018 Industry Advisory Council.
    AirPro Diagnostics
  • There are three systems you will most commonly encounter: blind spot monitoring, lane watch and frontal collision avoidance (also used for dynamic cruise control). Each system for every vehicle model has specific dynamic or static calibrations.
    Sean Guthrie
  • The reality is that some businesses want to rely on under skilled people to control wages, but top talent controls problems. These guys get the job done more efficiently, their comeback ratio is much lower and customer retention is much higher.
    Bob Heipp
  • This next-generation vehicle scan, diagnostic and repair solution delivers comprehensive and accurate full system scans of the computer systems in today’s vehicles to ensure their operability before putting them back on the road after a collision or mechanical repair.
  • To assist our customers in elevating the performance of their repair facility, asTech™ now offers full service, end to end repair solutions that include remote diagnostic scanning and in-shop mobile electronic repair services.