• But even though they’re prone to age quickly, these vehicles in particular really need to be maintained and kept in good condition, not just for the safety and security of drivers and passengers, but also for everyone else sharing the road with them.  
    Motor Age Magazine
  • Even though new Saab models are no longer arriving on American shores, there is a large fleet of existing customers that are still in need of service.
    Pete Meier
  • Get up to date with technology, tools and techniques to get today’s exhaust systems running quiet, running clean and passing OBD II monitors/state emission tests. 
    dave hobbs
  • Take a look at the new Dodge Ram light-duty diesel.
  • Tips on finding that evaporative emissions’ very small leak source.
  • And while your customer may not be rounding the corners at Pocono or blazing down the quarter mile at the Gator Nationals with the family minivan, the role the suspension and steering systems play is no less important.  
    Pete Meier
  • To help you navigate the information highway, here are some proven Internet resources you can rely on. This list is not all-inclusive but I’m sure it will give you a good start.
    Pete Meier
  • The MACS trade show and training event allows an attendee to see the latest and greatest in A/C and cooling system products and services, as well as sharpen business and technical skills through the training offered and an annual look at the state of the A/C industry.
    Pete Meier