transmission repair

  • A Kentucky entrepreneur with deep roots in the local business community is opening Louisville's newest Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care center.
  • The DSG, or Dual Clutch Gearbox, is a manual transmission using a Mechatronic system to shift the transmission automatically via a double clutch and double input shaft arrangement 
  • GM Customer Care & Aftersales (GM CCA) is releasing the diagnostic and programming keys essential to repairing and replacing GM 6-speed automatic transmissions. 
  • The number of sensors used, and their range of influence, will be considerably different from a Toyota Yaris when compared to a Lexus LS 600h L, particularly in regard to powertrain management.
  • Welcome to the first POWERTRAIN PRO supplement to Motor Age, designed to bridge general repair and transmission work through collaboration, education and diversification.
  • The 4EAT transmission (Figure 1) used in Subaru vehicles has been out on the road in many parts of the world as early as 1987 to as late as 2012
  • We were faced with transmissions having more than three speeds, and torque converters that now had a clutch that applied to lower engine rpms at highway speeds.
  • You took in a vehicle with a legitimate customer complaint thinking you are going to fix it. And you do everything you can to fix it but you never do.