plastic repair

  • With composite use in vehicle construction on the rise, here’s what technicians need to know about new repair options and how to do them right.
    Tina Grady Barbaccia
  • When considering options for plastic repair, shop management should carefully consider the cost of equipment and necessary training before investing in the next ‘cool tool’ for the shop.
    Douglas Craig
  • Motor Guard is pleased to re-introduce a hot item in its comprehensive line of U.S. made automotive body repair tools; the Magna-Stitcher Plastic Repair System.
    Motor Guard
  • Luckily these bumpers are hollow, and depending on how severe the damage is, it’s actually not that difficult to repair if you have the right tools and equipment.
    John Wilburn
  • When a plastic bumper is dented, the plastic becomes very stressed. All of the stresses need to be released in order to remove the dent correctly; the only way to do this is with the correct amount of heat and pressure in the right areas.  
    plastic bumper repairs
  • Shops can turn to a number of plastic repairs that can be conducted with airless welders and other tools they should already possess. Refer to the following instructions, provided by the Urethane Supply Company, to handle some of your most common plastic repairs.
  • Throughout more than 20 years of teaching plastic repair, I have witnessed the evolution of repair methods and products.
  • Each year thousands of plastic automotive parts can be repaired profitably rather than be replaced.