online retail

  • A June U.S. Supreme Court ruling that states can require online retailers to collect sales tax on purchases made by residents of their state, even if the retailer doesn’t have a physical presence in the state, upends decades of tax-free e-commerce and, according to brick-and-mortar retailers, levels the retail playing field.
    Brian Albright
  • Sadly, too few businesses in the auto care industry can obtain affordable big data technology to quickly spin grains of unruly data into purified, actionable information.
    Alan R. Segal
  • It must feel emotionally draining for an auto parts store when their shoppers can buy the same ignition coil retailed at $79.99 for $33 less by a competitor. From Scott Drozd’s perspective on hot selling items, this CEO of FCP Euro believes dynamic pricing is playing a normalized role in swaying shopper perceptions in a land grab for market dominance and profits.
    Alan R. Segal
  • Brick and mortar retailers are at a competitive disadvantage to online-only companies that are free from charging sales tax as long as they are headquartered outside the state where the sale occurs. Enter the Marketplace Fairness Act.  
  • I think the aftermarket has reached the point where technology adoption is beginning to climb quickly — and with it, disintermediation.