• Rather than closely vetting the emerging markets message and thoroughly analyzing the logistics, many aftermarket companies (like most U.S. companies) took this as the gospel and joined the march to globalization too quickly.  
  • Mike Maris, senior director of transportation and logistics at at Zebra Technologies, which completed its acquisition of Motorola Solutions' Enterprise business in October 2014, spoke with Aftermarket Business World about the role of bar code scanning and other automatic identification technology in warehouse and distribution operations.
    Mike Maris
  • These leaders recognize the industry really has never reached its potential because it has never really controlled the industry’s collective inventory. I think we can safely call this a movement of sorts with the intent to implement the latest techniques to track and account for every part in the system.
  • Recent trends have manufacturers and retailers focusing on improving their reverse logistics procedures to reduce costs and reclaim value on parts that can be refurbished, reused and resold.
    Lance Wallin