• One step that is always a prerequisite to module replacement is a test of that module's power and ground circuits. Are you performing this test correctly?
    Pete Meier
  • With vehicles becoming more and more complex, we need to have the proper training, tools, equipment and a logical diagnostic game plan.
  • Cooling systems! Could there be a more boring topic? That is exactly what I would be thinking if I were reading this article right now, but I would be wrong. Hybrid and electric vehicle cooling systems are anything but boring. They will challenge you, frustrate you and make you yearn for the good old days before all of this started. Unless you have had no internet access, you have probably read th
    John Kelly
  • When was the last time you checked ignition timing? The lack of timing marks on modern engines doesn't mean that timing can't change!
  • Own an IDS Ford scan tool? Learn how to get the most out of this popular platform!
  • It is important to check a wiring diagram in order to understand how the scan tool will interface with the vehicle under test.
  • It’s time to introduce your customers to absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries. These advanced lead acid batteries feature an absorbent glass mat separator, which helps this type of product offer better performance than other lead acid batteries.
    Jason Searl
  • Learning how to test and service the HV battery is becoming as important as knowing how to test 12v systems
    John Kelly