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  • Take a look at this collection of tips and test techniques to help you handle the more routine HV and EV DTCs.
    dave hobbs
  • Rotary Lift’s new IG210W inground lift was designed specifically to help technicians more efficiently service electric vehicles, sports cars and exotic vehicles. It provides greater under-car access than other inground lifts thanks to extremely low-profile arms and extra-wide piston spacing.
  • The Prius is the leader in hybrid sales, and its design was revolutionary.
    John Kelly
  • The company, led by co-founders Dakota Semler and Giordano Sordoni, will be taking demos through 2018 and will be going to production in 2019. The final product will have a 300-mile range (when fully loaded to 40 tons) and the base model will start at $150K.
    Thor Trucks
  • SAKOR will be highlighting many of their innovative technologies at booth #10009, including hybrid and electric vehicle testing, high voltage battery testing and simulation, and the smallest AC regenerative engine dynamometer available in the industry.
  • On Oct. 10, 2014, Tesla CEO Elon Musk pulled back the wraps to unveil the latest Tesla offering, the Tesla S-D. The D stands for “dual motor” and heralds the introduction of All Wheel Drive (AWD) to the Tesla model line. Long been considered by many automotive enthusiasts a weakness to the standard Model S, the AWD version brings the Tesla closer to competing with other top-of-the-line
    Pete Meier
  • The Chevy Volt is an extended range vehicle that is similar to a hybrid vehicle since it also uses an internal combustion engine (ICE). Although the Volt’s ICE is not used in the same way as a conventional hybrid’s ICE, but rather uses the ICE as a generator to charge the HV battery. 
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