• We have to understand the code set criteria, and not just the inferred meaning of the code itself, when tackling drivability problems. We need to look at all available data instead of just focusing on one specific area.
  • Bosch’s Mastertech VCI aftermarket scan tool now provides OEM level diagnostic and reprogramming functions for BMW and Mini vehicles by supporting BMW’s Technical Information System.
  • You understand your tools, and have a general plan of attack. But every so often, you’ll find letters and numbers in places you don’t expect them. 
  • The new “Virtual Tech” diagnostic assistant utilizes short videos and a series of “decision tree” prompts to guide the user through each step in diagnosing a wide range of driveability challenges.
  • This month, TST members share some of their personal diagnostic stories. Consider the process they used to successfully complete the repair as you read them. How would you have approached these problems?
  • Mitchell 1 announces the release of SureTrack™, a new all-in-one repair information resource that brings together a unique combination of intelligence and expertise to help shops increase accuracy and efficiency.
  • The problem vehicle that came in to the shop was a 2005 Ford Crown Victoria 4.6L V8 that had a complaint of being sometimes hard to start. 
  • Vehicle inspections are a very common thing on all cars that come through our shops and are a great way to keep the shop bays filled with profitable work. Have you ever thought about using your scan tool as part of the inspection process?