connected cars

  • The glitz around the development of autonomous vehicles has obscured what is a more near-term automotive safety innovation, one that will have a much bigger impact on the aftermarket: connected cars.
  • With IBM as its strategic partner, Schaeffler is creating a digital platform for processing large amounts of data, generating valuable insight to transform its operations.
  • AAPEX is increasing its focus on technology with an all-new Connected Car Opportunities education track in the 2016 AAPEXedu program.
  • The OBDII is the gateway to the vehicle and ultimately to the motorist. It provides access to the onboard CAN-BUS and to various diagnostic information. As with any wireless network there is a concern about security and protection against unauthorized access.
  • Younger generations aren’t as interested in cars as previous generations, mostly because of the cost of ownership. The Connected Car, equipped with technologies that keep drivers connected, might be the best thing to help spark newfound interest in cars.
    Larry Silvey
  • A convergence of bricks ‘n’ clicks will eventually be connecting with connected cars and the motorists inside them to ring up aftermarket sales as innovations in electronic commerce establish new avenues of e-retailing.
    James E. Guyette
  • The 2015 AAPEXedu will take a close up look at the emerging role of telematics as a revenue generator for independent auto repair shops, and many additional issues related to autonomous vehicles and connected cars.
  • Numerous industry suppliers are joining together to help sponsor a new $6.5-million one-of-a-kind test track and related research programs aimed at perfecting connected and automated vehicles with the goal of bringing them to the mainstream automotive marketplace as quickly as possible.
    James E. Guyette