automotive repair shop management

  • You can’t be everywhere at once, but that’s doesn’t necessitate multiple managers either.
    Ryan Cropper
  • With the expanded usage and sophistication of technology, rapidly changing workforce generational demographics and intensifying marketplace pressures, business owners and operators are faced with challenges unlike those they have seen before.
    Daren Fristoe
  • There’s only so much I as the owner can do to impact our numbers. If those numbers are ever going to improve, my entire team needs to know them as well.
    Ryan Cropper
  • Body shop owners and managers must strongly consider the advantages of applying lean principles and processes to their business.
    Steven Feltovich
  • The following are attributes of a shop owner I have seen over my 40 years in this industry that characterize a business owner who is in trouble.
    Bob Greenwood
  • Our technicians, who are not sales people and certainly are not aware of the challenges we are facing as shop owners or service managers, do live in our community and it is certainly worthwhile to include them in our planning. 
  • Is it compassion or fear that is residing in you that is the overriding component in your decision-making process in holding your employees accountable? That is the real question.
    Chris Frederick
  • Business is going great and you have checked off nearly all of your goals in your current location, what’s next? For many shop owners attending Automechanika Chicago, the next step is opening another location.
    Tschanen Brandyberry