automotive electrical circuits

  • If you don't know what you should see on a voltmeter — before you hook it up to the circuit — there's no point in taking the meter out of your toolbox   
    Jeff Minter
  • When it comes to finding electrical problems, the first piece of information you need is a wiring diagram.
  • The first electron current that occurs in a vehicle’s primary electrical circuit, when the engine is not running, battery cables are connected to a charged battery and circuits are turned ON.
  • There is some mystery about the ground side of the circuit among many technicians today, caused by thinking of positive current flow in circuits rather than negative current flow.
    Vince Fischelli
  • Many technicians might not be familiar with a Megohm, aka Megger meter, but it’s not all that different from your Digital Multimeter’s (DMM) ohm meter.