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  • You will never forget the tough diagnostic dilemmas, whether won or lost. Let me share a few of my most memorable with you.
  • Often our toolboxes are littered with tools that haven't seen the light of day in months. That's not true for my DSO!
    Eric Obrachta
  • The first electron current that occurs in a vehicle’s primary electrical circuit, when the engine is not running, battery cables are connected to a charged battery and circuits are turned ON.
  • Vehicle diagnostics can be quite simple or very complex depending on the problem you're faced with. Complex problem diagnostics can be tackled using multi-trace lab scopes.
    scope testing
  • The Lithium-Ion family of battery technologies has quickly become the center stage product in the advanced technology vehicle market.
  • Remember, the testing methods we used in the past may not be appropriate for use on vehicles today.  It is our responsibility to know how we are supposed to diagnose the systems we are taking into the shop. Are you accepting that responsibility? 
  • CRP Industries Inc. announced the acquisition of Atlantic Automotive Enterprises (AAE), a steering systems manufacturer specializing in new and remanufactured steering racks, power steering pumps, gear boxes, and related electric components.
    CRP Industries
  • Have a comprehensive overview plan in place to most effectively determine the problem and what actions to take.