auto shop marketing

  • You need to understand your target market and the needs of the market. Insurance companies have always sent vehicles to your shop, and any shop could repair any car, but can they properly and safely repair today’s more complex vehicles?
    Amber Harper
  • The new eLISTINGS service includes fixing inaccurate business listings, adding rich shop-specific content, automatically displaying the Shops’ unique OEM certification badges when customers see their listings which improves consumer confidence, and it tracks customer ratings and reviews.
    Assured Performance
  • Here are a dozen ways that MSOs, large and small, are working to build that name-recognition to keep their company in front of potential customers and referral sources.
  • You can’t know unless you turn to the numbers. Plan your marketing to build the trust, value, and quality of your customer base.
    David Rogers
  • When it comes to the things shop owners want to spend money on, marketing and advertising aren’t typically at the top of the list. But without marketing or advertising, you’ll never generate the revenue needed to fund new tool purchases or staff expansions.
  • Though many of us still hold on to an earlier time of direct interaction with our customers, the ways that we engage our customers in today's service world demand that we step out from behind our counter and try new ways of attracting and retaining customers. 
  • Dave Striegel, owner of Elizabeth Auto Care and The Shop Doctor Community, walks you through ways to successfully utilize video in your repair shop's marketing plan. 
  • Autoshop Solutions, an automotive internet marketing company, introduces an exclusive benefit for the members of the Automotive Service Association of the Midwest (ASA-Midwest). 
    Autoshop Solutions