auto aftermarket articles

  • Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket has launched an exclusive, $50 rebate offer on the purchase of any of its 5 or 6-gauge VDO Instrument Kits.
  • With an estimated 60 percent of vehicles on the road in need of an alignment, Hunter developed the new Quick Check system to help shops quickly identify these vehicles and drive more traffic to the alignment bay.
  • For a limited time, technicians and shop owners can purchase a Snap-on Triple Bank Roll Cab for the price of a double bank roll cab.
  • The Automotive Service Association (ASA) testified before the Ways and Means Commission in Austin, Texas, June 5 regarding an inequity in the current Texas Franchise Tax code.
  • Delphi Automotive recently announced the launch of its social channels on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for the company’s aftermarket division.
  • A customer brings their vehicle into your shop with a vibration complaint; you hesitate to take the job because you know that the success rate of diagnosing and repairing vibration concerns is not very high.
  • This month, a couple of TST members take on problems from other shops and share their experiences with us. let's look at the issues with a 2002 Ford and a 2005 Subaru.
  • The woman who owned this 2002 L300 had a decision to make. Did she want to replace her Saturn with another nameplate or spend several hundred dollars getting this one back in the wind?