• The Indiana Senate unanimously passed a new insurance anti-steering bill in January; however, the language of the bill has changed so dramatically that the regional autobody association that originally lobbied to have it introduced has withdrawn support.
    Brian Albright
  • On June 20, Maine Gov. Paul LePage vetoed Maine LD 1540. If enacted, LD 1540 would have clarified a provision in Maine’s anti-steering law, specifically regarding an insurer’s responsibility to convey that the insured or claimant has the legal right to choose the motor vehicle repair service to fix the vehicle.
  • Attorney General Scott Pruitt issued a warning to Oklahomans regarding the practice of steering — where insurers strongly push consumers to auto body repair shops that may provide substandard service to consumers.
  • Wisconsin Assemblyman Ed Brooks (R-50) recently introduced Assembly Bill 237 regarding automobile repair facility steering by insurance companies.