aluminum vehicle repair

  • In an effort to better inform the industry on major technological changes, the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of New Jersey (AASP/NJ) kicked off their 2015-16 schedule by hosting two meetings that covered the basics of repairs on aluminum-intensive vehicles.
  • The cost of OEM training can be expensive. But the cost to your shop if your employees are not properly trained and equipped for the vehicles to come may be insurmountable.   
    OEM training
  • Analyzing and repairing damage to aluminum vehicle components is no more difficult than for traditional steel vehicle components. All you need is the right equipment and a basic understanding of how aluminum characteristics affect the repair process.
    Aluminum repair
  • The approach to controlling cross contamination between steel and aluminum is multi-faceted and requires a systemic plan.
  • Like it or not, aluminum is now here for the masses and more OEMs will be utilizing it in the coming years.
  • OEMs are utilizing impact-toughened adhesives in the manufacturing process, and will be recommending similar type adhesives for repair operations. 
    LORD Corporation
  • The Society of Collision Repair Specialists sat down with representatives from the equipment and tooling sides of the industry, as well as several collision repair facilities who have taken the plunge of upgrading, to get their perspectives on repair safety, the importance of accurate information and their personal experiences on the front lines of the aluminum revolution.
    Society of Collision Repair Specialists
  • A cold metal transfer welding approach could provide a way to bond the metals in the near future.
    Brian Albright