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  • Robinair has introduced a dual mode tracer gas leak detector (LD9-TG) designed to help A/C technicians locate the source of a system leak and ensure that the leak detector is always at optimal performance.
  • Robinair has introduced the 80211VCI and 80211TMP wireless add-on kits that provide feature and performance enhancements to all existing new platform A/C recovery machines.
  • While the basic physics of cooling the passenger compartment remain the same, how it’s being done has changed considerably. That’s why Pete Meier, Motor Age technical editor, and G. Jerry Truglia, president of TST, produced “A/C Service Challenges – Today and Tomorrow,” a powerful, informative webinar for technicians of all levels.
    A/C Service Challenges Preview
  • C.J Clayton, national sales manager for DCM Manufacturing’s Maradyne High Performance Fans division, answered a series of questions for Aftermarket Business World about electric cooling fans.
    C.J Clayton
  • The MACS trade show and training event allows an attendee to see the latest and greatest in A/C and cooling system products and services, as well as sharpen business and technical skills through the training offered and an annual look at the state of the A/C industry.
    Pete Meier
  • Delphi Automotive PLC today announced that it has entered into an agreement to sell its wholly owned thermal business to MAHLE GmbH for cash consideration of approximately $727 million.
  • Smooth and straightforward repair jobs are the ones most of us like the best. Those are the routine work orders where there are no surprises on either side – simple “Condition, Cause, Correction” flow.
  • MACS and MACS member RED DOT joined forces for a top shelf, high-value factory centered training event for the heavy duty and off-road vehicle mobile A/C technician on Sept. 20.
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