• I’ve always found the term “misfire” interesting. It’s a term that often leads inexperienced techs down the wrong diagnostic road.
    Pete Meier
  • A customer brings their vehicle into your shop with a vibration complaint; you hesitate to take the job because you know that the success rate of diagnosing and repairing vibration concerns is not very high.
  • This month, a couple of TST members take on problems from other shops and share their experiences with us. let's look at the issues with a 2002 Ford and a 2005 Subaru.
  • The woman who owned this 2002 L300 had a decision to make. Did she want to replace her Saturn with another nameplate or spend several hundred dollars getting this one back in the wind?
  • Delphi Automotive recently announced the launch of its social channels on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for the company’s aftermarket division.
  • I’ve spent a great deal of time over the past few weeks focused on marketing: Marketing with a capital M.
  • The Car Care Council has partnered with Dartmouth College for the Dartmouth Big Green Bus 2012 cross-country road trip this summer.
  • Gabriel announces the enhancement of its mobile part search with the addition of an all-new mobile smartphone part search for commercial, heavy-duty truck, trailer, or bus shocks.