Zebra Technologies

  • New innovations in the warehouse will be driven by increasing supply chain velocity. Earlier this year Zebra Technologies released its “Future of Fulfillment” study, a survey of professionals in the logistics, retail and manufacturing segments.
  • Mark Wheeler, director of warehouse solutions at Zebra Technologies, discusses barcode technology in the automotive industry.
    Mark Wheeler
  • Bar code technology is a well-established way to improve inventory accuracy. Bar codes are used up and down the auto parts supply chain, from manufacturing applications to point of sale.
    Brian Albright
  • The aftermarket supply chain is shifting from its traditional structure to an omni-channel model in which both business-to-business and business-to-consumer online customers, along with brick-and-mortar customers, have rising expectations about availability and delivery that are increasingly difficult to meet.
    Brian Albright
  • Mike Maris, senior director of transportation and logistics at at Zebra Technologies, which completed its acquisition of Motorola Solutions' Enterprise business in October 2014, spoke with Aftermarket Business World about the role of bar code scanning and other automatic identification technology in warehouse and distribution operations.
    Mike Maris