Tim Sramcik

  • Every lost business opportunity can be transformed into a potential win if you plan for it. Use these five steps to build revenue where once you only saw defeat.
  • Don't count out the power of perks just yet. The thinking on what extras work best for shops and motorists has evolved. They remain an important part of doing business for many shops.
  • Powder coatings offer several significant advantages over liquid coatings — they're environmentally safe and produce no VOCs, they provide significantly better transfer efficiency and are extremely durable when correctly applied — so why aren't they part of your business?
    powder coatings
  • Your decision to offer undercoating work will rely greatly on two factors: potential of the geographic market and choice of repair formats.
  • No shop wants to return a vehicle with a shiny new outside and a clean, though flawed, interior. That means repairers need to up their game when it comes to restoring a vehicle's inside. Use the following tips to handle your toughest detailing chores and  put an extra coat of excellence on your work.
  • Most shops continue to send the majority of their glass work, especially windshield replacement, to outside businesses. Maybe it's time your shop reconsidered and moved these repairs in-house. Refer to the following basic glass replacement steps (supplied by 3M) to help you decide if this work is right for your shop.
  • Recently ABRN spoke with its 2015 Top Shops winners to discuss where and how they're sourcing their next great employee. As usually happens with industry employment issues, the discussion turned to a central question: Why is there a shortage of body shop workers?
  • These 2015 Top Shops climbed to the top of the industry using the resources available to most repairers combined with their own unique spin.