• Check the front cover and below the Motor Age headline you'll see "advancing the automotive service professional since 1899" — a mission we're taking to the next level in 2019!
    Pete Meier
  • As a fan of the webcast series hosted by Motor Age and TST (Technicians Service Training), Troy Anderson registered for "Essential Scope Techniques" and logged in to participate in the live event this past November. Little did he know that this would be an extra special webinar for him!
  • Have you ever considered just how small a leak the 0.020-inch test represents? And to easily and quickly locate the source of the leak takes more than just one approach. In our August webinar, G. Truglia and I share tips on various techniques you can apply to make finding that small leak a lot easier!
    Pete Meier
  • With over 43 years of experience in the automotive field as a technician, service manager and shop owner and numerous certifications, longtime Motor Age contributor G. Jerry Truglia stands as a lauded leader in the industry and as an inspiration for those new to service repair.
    Chelsea Frey
  • The TST/ATTS training center is also a full-time shop located north of New York City and its keeps me current on the problems my students and readers are facing. Here are a few of the recent challenges we faced.
  • There are many places that technicians might start their diagnosis when it comes to a misfire problem. I have a list of things that I suggest following to make your diagnosis fast and easy.
    David DeCoursey
  • The Digital Multimeter (DMM) and Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO) both can be used to measure voltage, but the way each displays that voltage reading, and what you can learn from it, is very different. 
  • Do you shy away from customers that come to you with a transmission complaint? Today, nearly everything on the car is electronically controlled, and the transmission is no exception.