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  • The completely driverless future represents an intriguing, but still somewhat distant endgame for the automotive industry.
    Motor Age Magazine
  • Founded and based in Sydney, Australia, AutoMate has rapidly expanded from a fledgling start-up to become a globally competitive player, offering automotive eLearning to thousands of automotive professionals and workshops in more than 60 countries.
  • Today’s cars are rolling computer networks and often require software updates to fix a variety of issues.
    Clint Flower
  • Pete Meier
  • I started out my diagnosis on a 2003 Ford Escape with an automatic 3.0 VIN 1 24 Valve V-6 with the customer interview to gather the information and the complaint — with just shy of 200K on the odometer, the MIL light is on. Then I gather some codes and data, come up with a plan, repair and verify. Little did I know my plans were about to be derailed!
    Eric Obrachta
  • Oil consumption complaints? Odds are your customers don’t even know they have one. You may not either unless you know the invisible signs!
  • Let’s go over some general guidelines before we delve more deeply into the diagnostics of these engines.
    Scot Manna
  • Here are a few examples and solutions to common and uncommon problems  to make diagnosis as straightforward as problem-free as possible.
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