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  • The vehicle arrived at the repair facility with an illuminated MIL for two failed tests (DTCs) and a P1000. The failed tests were: P0171 and a P1100 failed test.   
    David DeCoursey
  • That being said, we all have known of (or owned) vehicles that seem to survive for many decades, having been mollycoddled and maintained by gentle, loving owners until they become something of an oddity, like an aged person who is still living and functioning well for years after all of his or her children have died of old age.
  • For me, anyways, the hardest diagnostics are for the ones that another person created when fixing an original concern. 
  • No vehicle is immune from this kind of neglect. The amount of work we put into repairing them for their owners is what makes the difference.
  • When one of these vehicles comes to your shop, it could be for something as simple as a routine brake job or as complex as a Controller Area Network (CAN) communication problem. Regardless of the problem, you have to have several tools in place to repair these issues.
  • Do you go for the “fast fix,” or do the homework and go for a permanent one?
  • Successful fault-finding — without swapping parts.
  • 2003 VW Golf 97,000 miles 2.0L (AVH) 01M (4 speed automatic) Complaint: Won’t go into fourth gear and has a lack of power at highway speeds when in cruise control after driving for 15 to 20 minutes. The speedometer seems funny at times, too. The used VW that was just bought and had a surge during cruise control. As a child, I used to love t