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  • In my part of the world, business is cyclical, like the phases of the moon or the changing tides. Some days you are busy, and some days you're slow. And sometimes, you are slammed. This Mustang came in on one of "those" days: I've got 10 cars on my s
  • Weak links abound in just about all vehicles; some more serious than others. Some are covered by technical service bulletins (TSBs) and some aren't. Late 1990s Ford single overhead cam (SOHC) Explorers came with intake gaskets that leaked air when th
  • Dad came in the shop the other day and said, "Todd called and Tyran told him that the speedometer on the truck quit working and the transmission doesn't shift right." Todd is my brother-in-law and Tryan, or Rufus as I call him, is my nephew.
  • It's late on a Friday afternoon, and I've got my hands full. In one bay is a Caravan with its dash peeled back, waiting for an evaporator core. In my other bay is an Eclipse with its block on a stand and its guts on my workbench. Out of the corner of
  • Buck drove a company car that hauled drivers to other dealerships for dealer transfers, and he put an awful lot of miles on several different cars. One of the cars he drove was a '92 Ford Taurus wagon with 360,000 miles on it. When the dealer finally
  • Contributor Richard McCuistian
  • Contributor Curt Marsh tackles a 1993 Mazda 626 with a scraping noise in the engine compartment.