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  • Just the facts, please — even the ones that might not seem significant.
  • Medical diagnostics and automotive diagnostics are not as different as you may think
  • Click here for the June 2007 Motor Age Garage Answer Key. (Available Aug. 15, 2007)
  • Motor Age Garage Test #520 6/07: 1991 Chevrolet Camaro RS that lacks power.
  • Contributing Editor Curt Marsh readies a '91 Camaro for its owner who is returning home from military service in Iraq for a two-week leave.
  • Aging vehicles with quirky electronics are the spice of a diagnostician's life.
  • This poor customer had been in twice before with the same complaint. When coming to a stop, the engine would die like she had turned the key off, but only occasionally. The car would not restart when this happened, and she would have to have the car
  • In my part of the world, business is cyclical, like the phases of the moon or the changing tides. Some days you are busy, and some days you're slow. And sometimes, you are slammed. This Mustang came in on one of "those" days: I've got 10 cars on my s