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  • I am teaching eight courses this semester, and live work is piling on us faster than we can work it out. The cool thing is that the students are learning to gather data and make surgical repairs.
  • When our VAT40 died at the Ford/Jeep dealer, the shop foreman and service manager opted for what appeared to be a suitable succedaneum. The new tester came off the MAC tool truck for a cash exchange of about $1,700.
  • When I first started in this business, you could diagnose most running problems based on a generalized set of rules. Of course, this was in the day of carbureted engines and mechanical ignition systems. Today, the Engine Control Module (ECM) does a p
  • When the 4.6L first appeared under the hood of brand new Crown Victorias back in 1992 (Town Car got it a year earlier), those of us who pounded the concrete and pulled steel in Ford dealership service departments expected a host of new problems. You
  • I have trained and placed quite a few technicians in the past six years, and up to this point, I've managed to place all my graduates in dealerships or independent shops. I like to see my guys do well. They call me sometimes for advice, sometimes to
  • One Friday morning, I left the house on my way to Dothan, the big town down the road where I worked for so many years. The Ford dealership parts manager had a brand new 7.3L engine block he needed to dump either on me or in the scrap iron bin. I'm te
  • The Jeep Wrangler belongs to a fellow employee and just needed a routine oil change. A simple task, right? No matter what the customer complaint is, I always do a complete visual inspection so I can advise my customer on his or her car's current cond
  • The survival of a $5,000 engine rests on a 1-inch piece of colored plastic, a Chinese-made replacement part, and some painted marks. How crazy is that?