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  • Warning indicators can be our best friends if we interpret them properly. But what if somebody doesn't know what a particular warning lamp means? Those of us who are old enough remember those green or blue COLD lights on some Chryslers and Fords in t
  • This van is kicking me around, Donnie told me. I had been out of the field for a few years, having traded my toolbox for a grade book, an office and classroom, laser pointer and a lab full of automotive students. My old friend and fellow drivability
  • Valve stem seal problems are as old as overhead valves. Those puffy brown rock-hard deposits (that can look kind of like brown ice cream) on the spark plugs aren't always so noticeable on some engine platforms with leaking stem seals, but they blatan
  • The road to learning has some pretty sharp curves.
  • I am teaching eight courses this semester, and live work is piling on us faster than we can work it out. The cool thing is that the students are learning to gather data and make surgical repairs.
  • When our VAT40 died at the Ford/Jeep dealer, the shop foreman and service manager opted for what appeared to be a suitable succedaneum. The new tester came off the MAC tool truck for a cash exchange of about $1,700.
  • When I first started in this business, you could diagnose most running problems based on a generalized set of rules. Of course, this was in the day of carbureted engines and mechanical ignition systems. Today, the Engine Control Module (ECM) does a p
  • When the 4.6L first appeared under the hood of brand new Crown Victorias back in 1992 (Town Car got it a year earlier), those of us who pounded the concrete and pulled steel in Ford dealership service departments expected a host of new problems. You