• Terry O’Day, EVgo’s vice president of product strategy and market development, answered questions about its deal with Volkswagen to host, install and maintain a network of electric vehicle charging stations across the U.S.
  • VW's Electrify America subsidiary is partnering with EVgo to create a network of 450 electric vehicle charging stations in 11 major metropolitan areas along with strategically placed fast-chargers along heavily traveled highways.
  • As the aftermarket starts plugging into the prospect of repairing plug-in electric vehicles that currently remain mostly within the domain of car dealership service centers, opportunities are also arising for installing and maintaining the vast array of charging stations necessary to ease “range anxiety” and further spark PEV sales.
    James E. Guyette
  • Commercial fleet operators are increasingly confirming that lean and green work trucks running on alternative fuel systems are proving to be more-than-capable of taking on the meanest and most rugged of jobs while promoting environmental sustainability.
    James E. Guyette
  • Powertrain Integration specializes in engineering alternative fueling systems for numerous types of propulsion technologies ranging from hybrid sports cars to propane-powered trucks and uparmored military battlewagons.
    Brad Shantry
  • While the EVs and hybrids use exotic batteries running at hundreds of volts for actual propulsion, the good old 12-volt system remains in almost all vehicles.
  • Electric motors have a distinct advantage in racing. They make all their power instantly or with the push of a button. Hybrid and electric vehicle (EV) power sources are used in drag racing,
  • Recently, the Federal Register published the NHTSA Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for minimum sound requirements for hybrid and electric vehicles.