Donny Seyfer

  • Members of the Automotive Warehouse Distributors Association (AWDA) will attend special joint sessions with aftermarket suppliers during the 2016 Vision Conference presented by the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA).
  • There are a number of ways that vehicles can be hacked but I am going to focus on the method or “attack surface” that hits closest to home for auto repair shops and technicians – your shop’s network and scan tools.
  • In the roles I get to play as chairman of ASA, a trustee for NATEF, board member of NASTF, teacher, and most importantly in working in our repair shop, planning the next steps are my favorite part of the job.
  • Before I start my tirade, I want you to know how I feel about women working in the industry. I am 100 percent in favor of women doing whatever they want to in auto repair, except for bashing all men who work in it.
  • I attended the NAPA Expo in May where the NAPA folks did an absolutely stellar job with this event for their extended family of 18,000 people.
  • Recently there were a number of cyber attacks that affected many of the servers in our industry.  Sometimes I think we consider ourselves unlikely to be affected because we don’t have customer credit card numbers on file or any critical information stored where someone can get to it.
  • The worst part is that we are almost certainly doing the right thing by a customer but they are more willing to take the word of an invisible expert on an Internet blog who could very well be a 17 year old kid who has absolutely no training but is qualified as an expert by virtue of owning the particular model of vehicle.
  • For the first time in a very long time, maybe ever, aftermarket leaders sat in the same room with vehicle manufacturers to have a discussion about telematics.