Commitment to Training

  • ABRN conducted an interview with Jeff Peevy, the new president of AMi, to discuss AMi's initiatives for 2016 and beyond and the importance of having a learning culture within your repair shop.
    Chelsea Frey
  • When our focus is on the people on our team, their behavior, how they interact with each other and the effectiveness of the communication between them, our focus should not be on fixing anything.
    Mike Jones
  • Establishing a successful presence at industry conventions and conferences often calls for mobilizing a significant number of employees and expertise to assist in preparing for the event.
    James E. Guyette
  • How is your focus in your business? Does your team understand the real rules of engagement? Have you set the rules so the business will be the best it can be and get noticed in the marketplace? Consider having your team meet the “new” you for 2016. Here are the rules of engagement:
    Bob Greenwood
  • I think most of us who have ever owned or managed a business like to think of ourselves as being prepared to handle those surprises that the day might throw at us. The real question is, are we really ready? Is our staff ready? Do we have the training and skills to respond properly? 
    Chris Frederick
  • The future of your business hinges upon your successful attainment of millennial clients. Often ignored and discounted due to their unwillingness to get a license, a car, or even a job, they are now coming out in force.
    Chris Frederick
  • Think about how much easier your business’s daily activities would be if each step, each process, each requirement were clearly identified.
    Keith Manich