Articles by Joan Engebretson

Two of the top priorities in the automotive industry today are to enhance safety and be more energy efficient ? and the latest developments in automotive lighting are helping car manufacturers make progress in both of those areas.
Chrysler pins its survival hopes on Fiat.
Aluminum is making its way from mechanical parts and now appears in many more body parts.
Inexpensive imports from China and India could remake the auto market.
Automakers are looking to compete with the aftermarket for popular infotainment systems such as television, navigation and wireless Internet capability.
Hydrogen fuel cell technology provides automakers and consumers with significant economic and environmental benefits, but significant technological challenges still need to be overcome.
Responding to customer demands, automakers are building larger tires and wheels that also are designed to last longer..
Automakers are combining braking, suspension and other vehcile systems to increase stopping and vehicle control ability.