Articles by James E. Guyette

Use of air flow sensors in building automation projects, especially as a component in HVAC systems are positioned to create plethora of white spaces for air flow sensor manufacturers. China along with ASEAN and South Asian countries to captivate global air flow sensor industry stakeholders.
James E. Guyette
With offices in Seattle and Vancouver, B.C., Canada, Daniel J. Stern — proprietor of the Daniel Stern Lighting consultancy — is also chief editor of Driving Vision News, a publication providing international coverage of the vehicle lighting segment.
Daniel Stern
Automotive lighting is aglow in innovations — and related installation challenges — as illumination components work in tandem with ADAS and other sophisticated technologies.
Tamara Rabenold is a licensed private investigator and CEO of Vaudra International, an investigation company specializing in intellectual property (IP) and corporate investigations.
Tamara Rabenold
Dan Ingber, SEMA's Washington, D.C.-based vice president of government and legal affairs, discusses the industry impact of counterfeit auto parts.
Dan Ingber
Phony components can create real problems for manufacturers, merchandisers and motorists as counterfeit auto parts frequently fail to meet the proper fit, form and function standards.
Counterfeit parts
Sharon Fleming, director of the Calgary Fleet Services Department, has recently rolled out a SMART Fleet program of environmentally friendly improvements to the 4,000-vehicle municipal motor pool.
Sharon Fleming
As the Canadian division of U.S.-based Assured Performance Network, more than 540 shops have already become members of the Certified Collision Care program since its 2016 entry into Canada’s marketplace.
James E. Guyette