Articles by Brian Albright

Pennsylvania’s Legacy Autobody Group is the result of two family-owned MSOs teaming up under the CARSTAR brand, and creating a strong, competitive business.
Brian Albright
Georgia insurance commissioner Jim Beck has been indicted on federal charges of wire fraud, money laundering and mail fraud related to allegedly embezzled funds used to finance his election campaign in 2018.
Brian Albright
Earlier this year, Fuse5 Automotive Software announced that Andrew Rosen had joined the firm as director of strategic growth and development.
Andrew Rosen
Automotive Parts Associates (APA) is deploying a number of new technologies and software updates to help members streamline the parts ordering process, increase inventory visibility, and improve their online sales capabilities.    
Brian Albright
Roger Moyers is the president of Blue Sage Software, which provides ERP and other software solutions to the automotive aftermarket. We spoke to Moyers about technology advancements in the aftermarket and common inventory challenges.
Roger Moyers
The Material Handling Institute (MHI) and Deloitte have released their annual report on supply chain trends, this year focusing on how technology is making an impact on logistics operations.
Brian Albright
Keith Thompson is a senior software architect at Epicor Software. He spoke to Aftermarket Business World about inventory management technology.
Keith Thompson
Worldwide, Allied Market Research expects the automotive 3D printing market to reach more than $2.7 billion by 2023, with a CAGR of 19.7 percent.    
Brian Albright
In a time when distributors are constantly fighting "the Amazon effect," check out these 8 tips to increase efficiency for a more robust supply chain. 
Brian Albright
Lisa Anderson, president and founder of LMA Consulting Group, is a supply chain consultant for manufacturers and distributors.
Lisa Anderson