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Super Ultra-Seal III Performance Gaskets

Wednesday, January 30, 2008 - 00:00
LOS ANGELES - Mr. Gasket Super Ultra-Seal III Performance Gaskets are made from a high-density material that combines a custom-engineered copolymer binder system, which holds fibers and fillers together, reinforced with 100-percent synthetic fiber and high-temperature fillers, to produce a uniform, high-strength composite sealing material. This material delivers excellent sealing properties for oil, fuels, and coolant at low flange pressure (clamp force), along with high crush resistance for continuous use to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and intermittent exposure to 650 degrees Fahrenheit.

Features include:

Made from high-density, high-tensile strength and high-temperature gasket material.
Delivers excellent sealing properties for oil, fuel, and coolant.
Seals using low flange pressure (clamp force).
Can be modified (trimmed) easily to fit custom applications.
Requires no gasket sealer for installation.
Releases easily (no scrapping required) will not stick to mating surfaces when disassembling engine.

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