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Precision Ford Focus Turbo Kit

Tuesday, January 29, 2008 - 00:00
LOS ANGELES - The Precision Ford Focus turbo kit has everything needed for a fast and easy install. Central to the kits' performance is the new Garrett GT Technology GT-28R turbocharger. This unit features a ball-bearing design and advanced aerodynamics package for quick spooling along with an adjustrable integral wastegate actuator.

Also included is a Precision high-efficiency air-to-air intercooler, which features bar and plat, high-density construction. The kit also comes with a custom-designed, stainless-steel exhaust header, mandrel bent aluminum tubing, heavy-duty oil recirculation pump, 75mm mass air unit, cast aluminum inlet adapter pipe, and an upgraded fuel management system. All necessary hardware is also included with the kit.

Initial dyno tests have shown that use of this kit will produce 225-hp at the front wheels on a typical stick shift Focus with 87-octane fuel. Cars with automatic transmissions produced 187-HP. Higher-octane fuel and additional tuning will produce even greater results.

Some components are available separately. Valve cover not included with the kit. For more information, visit

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