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Mean Green Street Machine E-85 Super Street Carb From Quick Fuel Technology

Wednesday, January 23, 2008 - 01:00
LOS ANGELES - High-octane power is now available for carbureted street engines with the Quick Fuel Technology Super Street E-85 Carburetor (SS-650-E85). This new carb has all the benefits of an electric choke and everyday drivability, plus added power capabilities with fewer emissions from E-85 fuel.


The E-85 Super Street carb features an aluminum main body specially constructed with a solid-state electric choke for easy starting year-round. QFT's billet metering blocks eliminate cross-well bleeding that can occur with die cast blocks, and also provide consistent precision metering. The lightweight design of the QFT Super Street carb is over 5-lbs lighter than the nearest competition.


Dual metering blocks accommodate a race style four corner idle system and secondary metering. A billet throttle body, fitted with QFT's proprietary Teflon coated throttle shafts and low profile button head screws, coupled with Teflon coated throttle shaft ribbons, ensures light pedal effort and greater airflow. QFT's exclusive lightweight contoured aluminum float bowls contain clear sight windows for easy float level adjustment.


E-85 produces more horsepower than racing gasoline without modifications to the engine. With E-85s 105-octane rating, the total timing and compression of the engine can be increased over today's conventional gasoline settings.


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