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Flex-a-Lite Low Profile Fan System

Thursday, January 24, 2008 - 01:00
LOS ANGELES - Flex-A-Lite's newest line of Low Profile Dual S-Blade fan systems can provide the maximum cooling for a limited space. Each model comes in its own shroud and features dual 12-1/8-inch diameter fans featuring Flex-A-Lite's S-Blade design. The dual fan systems flow 2500 CFM of air and are available in "push" or "pull" applications.

The low profile and universal design allows these dual fans to fit easily in tight engine compartments, and their unique injection molded, glass reinforced nylon construction ensures that they are strong, yet flexible enough to withstand extreme vibration and heat. The Dual Low Profile S-Blade fan systems measure 15-1/2-inch x 26-1/4-inch x  2-5/8-inch and easily attach through the radiator's core. The Dual Low Profile S-Blade fan models #410 and #420 are "pull" design, while the #430 and #440 models are "push" designs. Both the #410 and #430 models come with an adjustable thermostat, AC relay, and Flex-A-Lite's VSC Variable Speed Control, that monitors coolant temperature and adjusts the fan speed to match cooling demand.  

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