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Dart Introduces New Billet Aluminum LS1-Style Block

Thursday, January 24, 2008 - 01:00
LOS ANGELES - Racers and engine builders can get virtually anything they want in an LS1-style block with Dart's new billet aluminum block. Machined on precision CNC equipment from a solid billet of 6061 aluminum, the Dart LS1 block offers virtually unlimited choices in deck height, cylinder bore centerline, bore diameter, and lifter/cam configurations.


The Dart LS1-style billet block is available with or without water jackets. After machining, the block is heat treated to 130 Brinnell hardness for strength and reliability.


"The deep-skirt design of the LS1 block lends itself very well to a billet version," explained Dart founder and president Richard Maskin. "We were able to have more water volume in the billet block than a production block, while having thicker bores and better materials.


"Compared to an aluminum casting, the billet block has much greater capacity to withstand high stress levels without failure," Maskin noted. "This material gives the customer the strength of 7075 aluminum with elongation that's five times greater than cast aluminum. "The Dart billet block can be ordered with additional head bolts, custom motor mount bosses, and optional camshaft diameters.


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