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Crane's New Camshafts and Lifters for Chrysler 426 Hemi Engines

Wednesday, January 23, 2008 - 01:00
LOS ANGELES - Racers using Chrysler's 426 Hemi engine and its aftermarket derivitives can take advantage of improved valvetrain efficiency thanks to new 60mm journal camshafts and 1-1/16-inch diameter roller lifters from Crane Cams.

The cams are offered in both standard firing order and "4/7 swap" configurations. By changing the intake and power cycles on number four and seven cylinders, nominal increases in power, as well as a broadening of the torque curve, have been identified.  The cams are made in-house at Crane from 9310 billet steel, and feature enlarged 60mm cam bearing journals for use in contemporary racing blocks. Both SFO 4/7 Swap and conventional grinds are also available on standard 2.125-inch cam journal cores. Cams are also available enhanced with the patented Mikronite process, which increases the shaft strength, reduces bearing journal friction, and improves lifter life.

Crane's premium grade Ultra-Pro roller lifters are now offered with 1-1/16-inch diameter bodies for Hemi racing applications. The bodies are Mikronite-enhanced for added strength and reduced lifter bore friction, while .188-inch diameter Monel pins and stainless steel guide bars combine to keep the lifters aligned for accurate tracking. These new lifters (p/n 66549-16) have the same pushrod location (.200 inches raised) as its predecessor, so they can be retrofitted and maintain pushrod lengths.

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