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Covercraft has a history of vehicle protection

Monday, January 21, 2008 - 01:00

LOS ANGELES -- For more than 40 years Covercraft has reviewed and tested fabrics in their quest to provide protection for consumers during daily, extended outdoor exposure. This week at the MPMC Media Conference in Los Angeles company representatives talked about this history and some of the latest developments in the area of vehicle protection.

MPMCWorking with Safety Components Fabric Technologies (SCFTI), a leader in woven fabric technology, Covercraft developed ultra’tect™, a cover material that retains its color and strength during extended exposure, while at the same time providing a high degree of water resistance and UV protection, all at a reasonable price.

Officials also pointed out developments associated with WeatherMax®SL yarns, which have the color added to the polymer before it is extruded into yarn. They claim this provides maximum fade resistance by making each fiber a solid color, not just surface dyed. These fibers also are designed to have minimal stretch, so ultra’tect™ covers hold their shape.

A water repellant HydroMax finish is applied to both sides of the fabric, protecting against rain while allowing the cover to breathe. Most mid-sized covers can be cleaned in a home washer and dryer, and ultra’tect’s fabric weight makes it light enough to handle easily, while heavy enough to keep it in place. This patent-pending fabric carries a full four-year warranty and is available in gray, tan, black and blue.

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