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Baer IRON SPORT Systems

Tuesday, January 29, 2008 - 01:00
LOS ANGELES - Baer introduces the latest innovation in affordable performance. It's known that one of the most significant upgrades made to a muscle car is the elimination of the worn and outdated drum brake system. Baer now offers a solution attainable by nearly any enthusiast. Compatible with an array of popular domestic rear-ends, the all-new Baer IRON-SPORT System is a cost-effective solution to introducing modern braking technology to your ride.

IRON-SPORT Rear Brake Systems Feature:

Baer Quality and Performance @ a $795 Racer net price.
Coverage includes all popular rear ends used in muscle cars and street rods.
New iron-single-piston calipers with an integral parking-brake mechanism.
11.625-inch directionally-ventilated, curved-vane rotors with drilled, slotted, and plated surfaces.
Baer Hi-Friction SPORT-TOURING ceramic brake pads.
Teflon-lined, DOT-legal, stainless-steel brake hoses.
CNC machined billet aluminum brackets.
All required hardware and user friendly instructions to ensure a true bolt-on installation.

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