Vision 2014 Tradeshow

60,000 square feet of exhibtor space insured that Vision attendees had plenty to see and do at this year's expo. Here is just a little of what we saw!

(ABDS) Accessory Belt Drive Systems.

Enjoy ACI's John Gardner, Chase Vlieg along with Bobby Bassett as they provide solutions for solving specific problems under the hood of a Toyota along with an over view of the Accessory Belt Drive System.

Automotive Degreaser

The AutoNetTV camera crew caught up with Search Automotive Technologies, Inc. demonstrating Green Tiger, a new automotive degreaser that attacks protien based problems like oil, tar and bug splatter. Search Automotive Technologies, Inc. AutoNetTV Media, Inc.

Weak Links

This was yesterday's class session discussion about some of the "weak links" we've encountered over the past few years.

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Carbon fiber repair: I-CAR demos vacuum bagging

Vacuum bagging is the main focus of the I-CAR Introduction to Carbon Fiber CFR01e course. There are many different options and steps to this repair. With this type of repair, each of the damaged plies is removed and replaced in the area of damage. The repair is then compressed and heated to cure the repair.

Aluminum F-150 Repairs Reviewed By Pro Spot

We dropped in on the headquarters of Pro Spot International the same day Ford rolled the all aluminum F-150 out at the Detroit Auto Show. Ron Olsson reviews the Ford F-150 and some of the requirements and precautions collision repairers should consider when repairing all Aluminum cars. For more information visit

Foose Designs Tour

It's hard to argue that there is a better builder and designer then Chip Foose. From OEM production cars to killer one of kind hot rods, he's designed it all and won just about every award on the planet. But his design and engineering doesn't stop at automotive. Over they years Chip has designed casinos, theme parks, bicycles and clothing lines. Our crew stopped by Foose Designs in Huntington Beach, CA to take a tour of the recently expanded Foose Design Headquarters. Thanks to BASF Refinish and 3M Collision Repair for arranging our tour, with Chip Foose.

Ryan Friedlinghaus Founder West Coast Customs Talks Welding and His New Book

We headed out to Corona, CA to sit down with founder and CEO of the world famous West Coast Customs, Ryan Friedlinghaus. This self made automotive technician and custom designer talks about his career and business. The first cars built by Ryan in his home garage were dropped mini trucks. Being frustrated with the hydraulic systems, he set out to bring air bags more main stream on the trucking scene. However, bagging a car, means learning to weld. Now with years of experience, he's putting it all into a book so others like himself can learn to weld. In addition he talks about the partnership with Pro Spot and how their spot welding and weld stations have improved the quality of welds and production inside the West Coast Customs metal shop. Visit and order your copy of the book today!

Mitch Lanzini: Hot Rods And Collision Repair Southern California

If you know anything about Southern California automotive culture and hot rods, then you know Mitch Lanzini. Owner of Lanzini Body Works in Huntington Beach, CA he's best known for his work on the TV shows Rides and Overhaulin' with Chip Foose. For 5 seasons if it rolled off the set of Overhaulin, it was painted by Mitch. In addition to building hot rods, Mitch also owns and operates a successful collision repair business. From show room to daily transportation, every car or project at Lanzini Body Works gets world class attention and detail.When Mitch reaches for his gun, it's always been a SATA product. Take a listen as Mitch describes his career, business and the family relationship he has forged with DanAm Company and the SATA USA team.
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