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AutoWatch® is a unique customer service and marketing tool.With this system, your customers will be able to literally "see" the progress of their vehicle repair through the Internet and your interactive web site. Each day, digital photos are uploaded and posted to your web site along with the latest vehicle repair status. Your customers will check on their vehicle at home, work and the wee hours of the night. Your shop is open 24 hours a day!

Chip Foose Takes Facebook Questions: Building Designer

You had questions for Chip Foose so 3M Collision and BASF Refinish sent us to CA to get Chip's answers.    We sat him down inside Foose Designs and asked the top submitted questions from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.    Got a question for Foose we didn't ask? Send it to us and it could make the next installments of Ask Foose.

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Appropriate Load When Testing.

Some instructors claim you should never use a test light for electrical troubleshooting, rather, you should only use a DVOM. Well, sometimes, even a low impedance test light isn't enough to give reliable results! If you're testing a circuit that pulls a load, you should test it with the same size load. Make sense?

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Measuring For Dollars Makes Sense

Measuring vehicles before completing an estimate can offer a huge advantage to shops. Robert Hornedo, owner of Pacific Collision Equipment Co., and Thomas Balliet, Sales and Technical Manager Orange and San Diego counties are going to discuss the advantages to measuring for dollars before estimating and the impact it can have on your cycle times and more important, your profit margins.

Performance Driven Excellence, BASF VisionPLUS®

  Meet the top performing members of the VisionPLUS® performance groups for 2013. Wan to gain insight from collision repair peersA proven route to better business, Performance Groups include 15 - 20 bodyshop owners / managers with similar operations to yours. Team members provide support and relevant information. The groups meet 3 to 4 times yearly for multi-day workshops.Workshop learning includes:Contact / Links #800.825.3000 AccountEmail Support AccountVisionPLUS OnlinePerformance Groups • Financial benchmarking and composite reviews• Idea sharing• Industry updates and analyses• Round table discussions and group projects• Business analyses and critiques• Personal leadership & "change enabling" skills• Input on best practices• Ways to develop winning business strategies• Learning opportunities from industry leaders For more information on the VisionPLUS Performance Groups, contact your local BASF Refinish Sales Representative ore-mail customer service.

Post Collision Repair Inspections A Panel Discussion

No doubt about it. If you've been in the collision repair business for any time, you've encountered a post repair inspection. Normally it's the result of a secondary impact and the car presenting with overlapping damage in areas of prior poor repairs. Regardless, we've all stood next to a car puzzled at how a technician or shop owner good have 1.) done that to a car and 2.) let it go out the door. However, today there is an increasing number of consumers requesting post collision repair inspections before a secondary loss. The results were seeing are increasingly alarming. The poor repairs, missed and unperformed repairs are becoming more frequent finds. The most troubling aspect is these are not repairs performed at what we would consider back wood shops. These are I-CAR Gold Class and OEM Certified facilities. We gathered a panel of industry stakeholders that are actively involved in post repair inspections for consumers and court mediation.  

The NEW SATA® RPS™ Cup Dispenser System

Your RPS cups easily displayed for increased workflow efficiency and ease of use. SATA RPS (Rapid Preparation System) is the cup system for bodyshops emphasising perfect painting finishes and high efficiency. SATA RPS facilitates the painters' work, significantly enhances the bodyshops' productivity and critically reduces the use of cleaning agents and solvents. Learn more about the specific features of SATA RPS and the advantages you will have!One cup -- four functionsmix paintpaintrefill the paintstore the paintWith only three components!SATA RPS consists of 3 components only which means less handling efforts and thus, less expenditure of timea cup a lida sieveNo additional components are necessary. There is no other cup system with the same functions but with three components only!No compromise -- no adaptersSATA paint spray guns with QCC (Quick Cup Connector) are equipped with very short material passages without any needless rough edges. This feature prevents material deposits in the paint spray gun and allows easy and thorough cleaning.These advantages remain completely unchanged with the use of RPS as it is the only cup system that fits directly on your SATA paint spray gun without adapter. By combining SATA RPS and SATA paint spray guns with QCC, you will have the best possible basis for top quality paint jobs.Furthermore, with the use of RPS, your SATA paint spray gun remains its low centre of gravity and thus remains perfectly balanced. Even the extremely low weight of RPS contributes to fatigue-free work: cup and lid of the 0.3l version have a weight of 34g, the 0.6l version weighs 55g and the 0.9l version weighs 65g.Is there another reason to accept compromise? Perfect -- the paint finishRPS is based on the reliable flow cup principle. The continuous cup ventilation via the anti-drip device ensures a steady material flow -- a basic condition for high colour match precision. By the way, this is exactly the reason why leading paint manufacturers use flow cups for the development of paints and for testing their colour shades.Cup sizesSATA RPS is available in three cup sizes, namely 0.3l, 0.6l and 0.9l. Both lids and sieves are identical for 0.6l and 0.9l cups. Thus, the total number of the various components remains clear. By the way, lids and sieves can be ordered separately.The 0.3 l cups are available with two different spray gun connections:SATA RPS 0.3 l Standard -- fits on the same spray gun types like the sizes 0.6 l and 0.9 l.SATA RPS 0.3 l minijet -- fits on SATA minijet spray guns until minijet 3000 B and SATAjet 20 BEconomicalThe cleaning of the cup is not necessary with SATA RPS, thus saving time, cleaning agents and cost. Perfect colour match and perfect paint jobs reduce time and cost intensive rework. And the very few components additionally facilitate the entire work process - simplicity pays. Testing is free of chargeAsk your SATA dealer for a demonstration of SATA RPS in your bodyshop and see for yourself of the advantages -- free of charge and without obligation.For the application of UV paints, the RPS 0.6 l cup is also available in a black dyed version protecting the paint inside the cup from hardening. A useful accessory for air caps of SATAjet 3000 and SATAjet 2000 as well as SATAjet RP spray guns are the UV protectors.AdaptersContrary to other disposable cup systems, SATA RPS does not require any adapter in combination with SATA paint spray guns. Therefore, the spray gun can be easily and reliably cleaned. RPS adapters - For older SATA paint spray guns and spray guns of other manufactures spray gun adapters are available.

Shop Air Piping Tips

AutoNetTV talked with Mike Camber of Kaeser Compressors and got some great tips for Shop Air Piping. Kaeser Compressors [image]  AutoNetTV
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