Vehicle Registration Data

Do you need vehicle registration statistics for market research or business planning?Vehicle registration data can help you evaluate new trends or market size across the US or in a specific geographic location. On a local level you can identify the most popular makes/models/model years/engine platforms of vehicles in operation (VIO) by ZIP code, county or state. This can be helpful for service repair businesses looking for new locations, or for businesses wanting to do a better job allocating replacement parts inventory.At a national level you can identify popular makes/models/model years/engine platforms to help plan manufacturing production or inventory levels, reducing backorders or overstocks.New vehicle registrations can be analyzed to look at vehicles sold vs. leased.We have complete registration data for the United States including registration by ZIP code or state. This includes year/make/model, or can include demographics such as household income. More vehicle registration information is available here.

Shop owners join task force to fight preventable warranty

The cost of preventable warranty from the supplier perspective is all too familiar to Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) members. The 2013 AASA Pulse Survey previously identified that approximately $2.9 billion in potential profit each year winds up in the warranty pile; and that’s just in credit alone.

It additionally costs suppliers billions in manpower, training, marketing, cataloging and technical assistance in their efforts to grow brand awareness and prevent warranty. Technicians and shop owners have another name for preventable warranty that can’t be repeated here – but let’s just say that the most dreaded word in the bays is “comeback.”

The mutual opportunity to reduce preventable warranty was discussed on July 30 at the AASA Warranty Task Force meeting held in in conjunction with the CARS/NACE show in Detroit. Task Force membership was expanded to include service professionals when three highly successful shop owners and active members of the Automotive Service Association (ASA) joined the formerly supplier-oriented task force.

Participants in the AASA / ASA Warranty Task Force spent the day in open discussion of the effects of warranty on the shop, common causes of warranty and product categories that are experiencing high warranty rates due to a need for training.

The Task Force identified a common preventable warranty procedure: a “comeback” on a Honda Accord power steering rack that could have been prevented initially by properly flushing the system. The result? Instead of realizing $750 in profit, the shop now is losing $425 on the job – not to mention its reputation. This exercise reinforced the fact there is ample opportunity to collaborate in order to prevent lost profit.

The group determined that while there is ample training available, much of it is not reaching the technician, nor do many shops truly understand the ramifications of not performing the job properly.

The AASA/ASA Warranty Task Force agreed to narrow its focus and deliverables to the following:

• Concentrate on warranty prevention, not warranty process (labor claims, return process, etc.)

• Address the issue of technicians and shops not taking advantage of training and education programs provided by suppliers. This would include better cataloging and an industry campaign to heighten the awareness of manufacturers’ training programs.

• Highlight the financial impact of preventable warranty to the shop. The group proposed “hitting shop owners between the eyes” with messaging that preventable warranty has significant financial ramifications to their shop.

• Concentrate on problematic product categories that are prone to preventable warranty. These products should be incorporated into the AASA Know Your Parts® campaign to further educate shops and technicians on common installation or diagnostic errors that lead to preventable warranty.

• Build confidence in premium brands. Suppliers should communicate that they manufacture globally but, regardless of where the part is made or purchased, their brands meet their specific quality guidelines.

• Develop tools (a mobile device application and poster) that give shops quick, one-stop access to all manufactures’ tech lines and training – another natural fit for the proposed Know Your Parts application.

• Use both ASA and AASA resources to be a medium of the respective campaigns.

• Assign metrics to the various campaigns and initiatives in order to have a benchmark for future success.

All participants felt the direction of the initiative was in-line, achievable and possible to implement in a reasonable time frame. The Task Force participants included representatives from leading AASA supplier members and ASA members: Bob Wills, owner of Wills Auto Service in Battle Creek, Mich.; Terry Wynter, owner of Terry Wynter Auto Service in Ft. Myers, Fla.; and Gary Keyes, owner of E&M Motors in Stuart, Fla.

At the meeting’s opening, Wynter commented, “I have seen warranty grow significantly over the past 10-12 years and was beginning to wonder if anyone was going to stand up.” At the meeting’s conclusion, he said, “I wasn’t too optimistic going into the meeting but now am enthusiastic about our opportunities after developing this plan.”

The AASA / ASA Task Force will meet during AAPEX to review the plans developed by the owners of the various assignments. If you are interested in joining the warranty task force or learning more about it, contact

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<p>The mutual opportunity to reduce preventable warranty was discussed on July 30 at the AASA Warranty Task Force meeting held in in conjunction with the CARS/NACE show in Detroit.</p>
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Bodyshop of Tomorrow Unveiled at NACE 2014

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Bodyshop of Tomorrow Unveiled At NACE 2014

Want to take a tour of the Collision Hub shop? For NACE 2014 in Detroit Collision Hub assembled a new exhibit, The Bodyshop of Tomorrow.   For most auto body repair shop owners information from vendors is presented as segmented bits of information from a company hoping to sell you their service or product. The struggle for most, as been how these pieces fit together for the overall benefit of the repair.    We gathered our top products, services and equipment and assembled a mock facility right on the show floor. Take a tour of our shop and watch for more coverage on preparing yourself for the future of collision repair.

ASA announces Federated Insurance as new benefit provider

The Automotive Service Association (ASA) has announced a new benefit provider for its members: Federated Insurance, a premier insurer of the automotive service industry.

Founded in 1904, Federated has built a strong reputation of offering competitive products supported with value-added risk management programs and services. The company is rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best®, a respected insurance rating authority. Federated specializes in affinity relationships, and today is exclusively recommended by more than 400 state and national associations and buying groups.

“We have a longstanding history of working with and supporting ASA affiliates and chapters. Partnering with ASA provides our local marketing representatives with the ability to better serve members with their insurance and risk management needs. We are extremely excited and look forward to providing members with access to our value-added programs,” said Mike Kerr, executive vice president-director of marketing.

“One of the most important decisions a shop owner makes each year is the selection of a business insurance program. Choosing a company with a proven track record of being an industry partner brings our members peace of mind and ensures that their businesses are protected. We’re excited to announce Federated Insurance as our newest partner for members’ property and casualty needs,” said Dan Risley, ASA president and executive director.

Sponsored insurance programs include property and liability, and life and disability. Federated’s specialized coverages include employee tools, pollutant cleanup and removal, business interruption, data compromise, defective product and faulty work, garagekeepers, employment-related practices liability, and commercial and personal umbrella. Among the many risk management services offered by Federated are disaster preparedness and recovery, employment screening programs, drug and alcohol-free workplace programs, and on-site risk analysis.

As an ASA-sponsored benefit provider, Federated will provide ASA members with a thorough review of their current coverage and analysis of their business needs, including business succession, estate planning and employee retention strategies. To take advantage of the complimentary, no-obligation insurance coverage review, and learn about the many risk management programs available through Federated, call Jack West at (800) 533-0472 or visit

For information about ASA’s entire benefits portfolio, visit the ASA Marketplace at To learn more about ASA’s dedication to service and repair professionals, the value of ASA membership and how to join, visit or call (800) 272-7467, ext. 361.

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<p class="p1">The Automotive Service Association (ASA) has announced a new benefit provider for its members: Federated Insurance, a premier insurer of the automotive service industry.</p>

3M™ Scotchgard™ Autobody Coating Application

Check out the latest application technique and process for collision center repairs.    3M™ Scotchgard™ Autobody Coating, 7277 is a high-quality, professional spray-on coating for surfaces that require a tough, durable finish. Designed for application with a standard undercoating spray gun.    Drying • Air Dry Outdoors in Direct Sunlight 3 to 5 hours. Do not allow the coating to become wet for 4 hours.  • Air Dry Indoors Without Direct Sunlight Overnight, do not allow the coating to become wet for 16 hours.  • Heat Cure/Forced Dry Allow 30 minutes flash before force drying. 2 hours at 140° F (60°C) do not allow the coating to become wet for 2 hours.

2014 Management Success Spring Convention

The March 28th Management Success 2014 Spring Convention at Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas.Management Success! conventions offer an excellent opportunity for networking with other like--minded shop owners, many of whom run some of the top automotive shops in the US and Canada.  Attend exclusive convention workshops tailored for your auto shop and bring home plans on how to get your shop to the next level of expansion. You won't want to miss the latest news and advancements for shop expansion being released by Management Success!

SkillsUSA Championships 2014

Over 130 of our country's finest students in collision repair and refinish technolody gathered in Kansas City last week for the SkillsUSA Championships.  Take a tour of the competition and skills task each student is required to complete.   

Helping Veterans - Paul Baffico

Paul Baffico retired in 1999 as president of Sears Automotive and CEO of Western Auto. He has written a new book called, “Last Mission for a Reluctant Patriot,” which is set for release this summer. The book talks about the things that happened to him during his war experience and later when he came to grips with its effect on his life. The book talks about his "mission" of serving as a volunteer at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. on a monthly basis since May of 2006. Baffico also donates time helping veterans in Lake and McHenry counties in Illinois as a licensed peer support specialist; training he undertook after being formally diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD). In this clip Baffico talks about a federal grant that he got involved with and the subsequent Lake County Veterans and Family Services Foundation (LCVFSF) that was later formed. He says the foundation is like a “portal” for veterans, guiding them to the right places where they can get help. He said military training creates veterans who often are the last to ask for help.
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