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The Hybrid Shop (THS) Adds Lloyd's Tire Service and Toole's Garage to its Growing Network

Monday, August 26, 2013 - 05:42
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The Hybrid Shop (THS), a growing international network of dealers committed to providing expert care for hybrid vehicles, has added two exclusive dealer partners for the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas, Lloyd’s Tire Service, located in Santa Cruz County, Calif., and Toole’s Garage, located in San Mateo County, Calif. They will serve all surrounding areas respective of their specific locations. 

This focused concentration on providing distinguished service to the hybrid market is a testament to the larger, evolving green technology trend across the San Francisco Bay Area and Western region of the United States. The nationwide hybrid market is also experiencing a continued upward growth trajectory, with a current estimated 3 million hybrids on the road with the market expected to more than double by 2015.

Lloyd's Tire Service in Santa Cruz (serving most of Silicon Valley to Monterey/Salinas), has offered expert tire and vehicle care to drivers since 1940. Toole's Garage in San Carlos (serving the San Francisco Peninsula and Greater SF Bay Area), has been providing high quality, customer service focused vehicle maintenance and repair since 1983. Through this new affiliation with THS, both Lloyd's and Toole's have earned the exclusive rights to provide a full range of hybrid maintenance and diagnostic services to support drivers of hybrid and electric vehicles (HEV) in their respective areas. These new services deliver a host of environmental benefits, along with the increased fuel economy, torque, and overall vehicle performance. THS’ industry-leading Credentialed Diagnostic program seeks to deliver maximum value and vehicle longevity to hybrid customers, through:

  • A battery conditioning solution that costs a third of the value of purchasing a replacement battery and can save consumers thousands of dollars that relegates fewer batteries to landfills and less toxic substances to the waste stream;
  • An innovative, science-based and technically validated methodthat can be repeated as necessary;
  • Improvement of gas mileage by 10-35%, depending on the state of the battery;  and
  • Additional services, including a State of Health Diagnostics Service, Battery Conditioning and Rebuild, and Maintenance and Repair of any system on a hybrid.

As THS’ dealer partners, Lloyd’s Tire Service and Toole’s Garage are provided access to world-class instruction, proprietary technical equipment, education, operational/sales support, and branding materials to position them for success across their local hybrid vehicle markets. Both dealers have successfully completed a comprehensive, 4-day on-site Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) diagnostics training course that develops diagnostic expertise, preparing them to perform hybrid battery conditioning services and repairs to customers across their areas. Technicians from both dealers have also completed the 5-day SAE International Advanced HEV Diagnostics Certificate of Competency and passed both final exams, including a practical assessment for competency and the final online written exam to earn their SAE Credential. As a result, these dealers are now fully prepared and professionally trained to deliver the scientifically proven services to support the increasing HEV market.

“We are honored to be joining THS as a dealer partner and the incredible potential this venture holds, as we continue our evolution as a company,” Dean Schwartz, Owner of Lloyd’s Tire Service, states. “This new affiliation allows us to serve hybrid vehicle owners and greatly impact the performance of their vehicles. Through the use of this scientific, revolutionary, new technology we are making battery replacement virtually a thing of the past and delivering a solution that leads to thousands of dollars in savings that is in line with the environmentally- friendly philosophy that made them choose a hybrid in the first place.”

“We are very excited to be a part of the THS family,” says Toole’s Garage CEO, David Toole. “The ability to help our customers save money while saving the planet, and to use the cutting-edge technology and knowledge given to us by the great team at THS is an amazing growth opportunity for us going forward.”

THS is founded through a joint-venture between Dr. Mark Quarto, Ph.D., EE, a world-class expert in hybrid and electric vehicle systems technology and electrical engineering, and successful auto repair entrepreneurs, Matt and Judy Curry. Quarto is a leader in hybrid and electric diagnostic equipment design, manufacturing and training and brings more than 28 years of real-world expertise and hands-on experience supporting his ability to deliver science-based and technically proven solutions to THS. Matt and Judy Curry bring a total of 30 years in the industry and 10 profitable service centers, along with invaluable experience in operations, sales, marketing and branding to THS and its dealer partners in order to assist them in their continued growth and marketplace domination.

“THS is pleased to welcome our newest dealer partners serving the growing hybrid market segment in the San Francisco Bay Area,” President and CEO of The Hybrid Shop, Matt Curry stated. “The addition of these expert shops with phenomenal reputations for technical expertise and customer service spanning multiple decades are ideal fits to represent and grow THS, both now and into the future.”

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