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Electrical diagnostics: going beyond the Volt Meter

Monday, February 1, 2016 - 09:00
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The basics of electrical theory haven’t changed over the years, but that doesn’t mean your electrical diagnostic process shouldn’t be changing. This article won’t talk about oscilloscopes or other more traditional tools discussed when looking beyond the Volt Meter. Instead, this article will focus on how a thermal imaging camera can be used to supplement your electrical diagnostic process.

Thermal imaging cameras have been coming down in price significantly over the last several years. With the entry level price point of true thermal imaging devices starting around $350 and full featured units starting around $700, thermal imaging cameras are now a much more viable option to consider adding to your tool box. If you’ve ever wished you could just see where the electrical problem was this may be your wish come true. This article will focus on the following:

·      How thermal imaging can visually show you the location of electrical problems

·      Differences between IR thermometers, visual IR thermometers, and thermal imaging cameras

·      Features to look for in a thermal imaging camera

·      Principles of thermal imaging including; thermal emissivity, thermal reflectivity, and thermal transparency

Thermal Imaging Camera vs IR Thermometer

While I’ll do my best to relay as much information as possible in this article if you are looking for more depth on this subject I’d highly recommend checking out the Thermal Imaging Training Center’s website at MotorAge.com/infraredtraining. They have some great free online training available as well as an in-depth comparison of temperature measurement tools.

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