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Showpower and Hot Rod & Restoration Shows validate each other's trade-show badges

Friday, January 7, 2011 - 00:00
Participants in Showpower, the annual Transmission and Undercar Expo, and in the Hot Rod & Restoration Show at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis will have access to both aftermarket trade shows.

Michelle Dickemann, Showpower coordinator, said the two trade shows have agreed that people registered for either show will have access to both shows, March 17-19 at the convention center. Showpower and the 13th annual Hot Rod & Restoration Show are in adjacent exhibit halls.

“Performance and restoration parts and hot-rod project displays make the Hot Rod & Restoration exposition an interesting addition for Showpower participants,” Dickemann said. “Many exhibitors at Showpower will have products of interest to our Hot Rod & Restoration guests as well.”

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