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ACDelco promoting new training programs at all levels for technicians

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 - 01:00

ACDelco recognizes the importance of training both current and future technicians and shop owners so they can stay up to date with the rapid changes in the automotive aftermarket. To continue to meet or exceed these technicians’ and shop owners’ needs, ACDelco is enhancing its industry-leading training offerings.

In addition, ACDelco has further expanded its outreach to future technicians by making its training available to students interested in the automotive industry. “All Makes” Powertrain, Heating and Cooling and more ACDelco’s training opportunities have grown this year, with plans to add even more classes, courses and seminars for nearly “all makes / models” of vehicles on topics such as powertrains and heating and cooling.

In December, ACDelco will introduce several Web-Based Training (WBT) and Instructor-Led Training (ILT) courses – many of them brand new – including:
• Toyota Air Conditioning – WBT and ILT
• Toyota Engine Performance – WBT and ILT
• Chrysler Air Conditioning – WBT and ILT
• Chrysler Engine Performance – WBT and ILT
• Axles and Propshafts – WBT
• First Responder Guide: Ultra High-Strength Steels – WBT
• Automatic Transmission / Transaxle Theory (Operations and Diagnostics) – ILT (February 2009)

In March 2009, ACDelco will introduce several seminars, including:
• Modularized Suspension modules (12 courses)
• Advanced Cooling System Diagnosis
• Emerging Air Conditioning Technology and Service Hybrid courses

With the continued increase in hybrids and other advanced propulsion vehicles comes the need for technicians who know how to service and repair them. To help keep technicians and shop owners up to date with the rapid changes in advanced-technology vehicles, ACDelco will add several offerings to its curriculum by the end of this year.

“ACDelco already offers several Web-based classes and service seminars to provide technicians with the latest information and technology on hybrid vehicles and emerging technologies like E85,” says Dan Carter, manager of ACDelco’s Global Aftermarket Service Development. “Our new offerings strengthen ACDelco’s aftermarket training leadership position and help technicians prepare for what is coming.”

In December, ACDelco will launch eight new hybrid WBT courses within the ACDelco Learning Management System, including:
• High Voltage System Safety
• Two-mode Introduction & Safety
• Two-mode Hybrid Front Wheel Drive Introduction & Safety
• Two-mode Hybrid 300V Battery System Theory & Operation
• Two-mode Hybrid Energy Storage & Power Electronics
• 2ML70 Transmission Theory & Operation
• 2MT70 Hybrid Transmission
• Two-mode Hybrid Supporting Systems Theory & Operation

In addition to the WBTs, two new ILT courses will be available by the end of the year:
• Two-mode Safety & Battery System Service
• Two-mode Transmission and Supporting Systems Service ACDelco Future Technician Training Program

To attract young people interested in automotive careers, ACDelco launched the ACDelco Future Technician Training Program earlier this year. For the first time, a portion of ACDelco’s award-winning technical WBT that ACDelco professional customers use is available to high school-level students at National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF)-certified secondary schools nationwide at no cost to the schools or students.

The ACDelco Future Technician Training Program also offers NATEF schools an opportunity to enhance their curriculums by offering their students a chance to receive state-of-the-art training to prepare them for the competitive field of automotive service. Twelve technical courses are available for use as a complete curriculum or can be taken separately to complement an existing curriculum or as extra credit.

An additional six business management training courses are also available for use at no additional cost to the students. Business training courses currently offered include:
• Professional Skills Assessment
• Stress Management
• Time Management
• Team Building
• Problem Solving

Continuous Improvement Technical courses currently offered include:
• Introduction to Air Conditioning
• HVAC System Operations
• Brakes 1
• Brakes 2
• Electrical / Electronics Stage 1
• Electrical / Electronics Stage 2
• Electrical / Electronics Stage 3
• Electrical Wiring Diagrams
• Introduction to Automotive Oscilloscopes
• Battery, Charging and Starting
• Powertrain Performance 1
• OBD II Overview

The ACDelco Future Technician Training Program offers instructors a state-of-the-art, no-cost curriculum from an industry leader. In addition to this training, students who participate in the program receive course completion certificates and access to job openings at Independent Service Centers that support ACDelco. Students who complete six of 12 classes will be considered for one of multiple $1,000 scholarships that will be awarded in June 2009.

To participate in or obtain additional information about this program, instructors from the NATEF schools are invited to visit and click on the “Future Tech Training Program” located under the “What’s New” section on the homepage.

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