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Industry key in building Pellman's success

Without aftermarket involvement, this shop wouldn't be where it is today.
Monday, November 29, 2010 - 01:00

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The aftermarket is an intergral part of Pellman’s Automotive Service in Boulder, Colo. From memberships to training to using aftermarket parts, the shop uses in the industry in all parts of the shop.

The shop is a member of the Automotive Service Association (ASA), and co-owner Brad Pellman is the education director of ASA Colorado.

“Initially I became involved in ASA a long time ago because of ASA’s reputation and the credential that they provide along with that. They provide a lot of training, which is good, both on the management side and the technical side, which helps us stay on top of current trends and how to deal with issues.”

Being so involved in the aftermarket helps Pellman keep his staff on top of training. All employees complete at least 80 hours of training, in addition to keeping up on ASE certifications. Pellman and his wife, co-owner Lisa, also attend many management courses throughout the year, both industry specific and general business.

“Current technology on cars changes every year. If we’re not prepared and ready for it when it comes in our door, then we’re not going to be a top quality shop,” Pellman says. “We have to stay on top of training. The cars change, especially now, there’s so much going on technology-wise that if we’re not up to date, we’re going out of business.

His learning style carries over into the technicians at the shop, as well. He adds, “I want technicians that want to invest in themselves and that want to move on in the future, and that’s who I hire.”

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